These hospitals in Mexico are saturated

According to the network information system of the National Bureau of Statistics, Mexico’s 16 hospitals across the country are at capacitydue to the influx of patients Due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Ministry of Health announced Reports due January 12of which the number of hospitals mentioned above has been saturated Patients infected with COVID-19.

However, Mexico City is not the only saturated entity, as Oaxaca, Guanajuato, Hidalgo, Michoacán and Puebla also have hospitals at full capacityso it is necessary to remain vigilant.

Hospital capacity has reached 70%

According to the report, CDMX has eight other hospitals with occupancy rates ranging from 70% to 94% by patients infected with the virus. Likewise, both medical units have the same coverage, but both beds are equipped with ventilators.

The report pointed out that in other states, 19 medical units have a general inpatient bed utilization rate of 70% or more; three medical units have a ventilator bed utilization rate of more than 70%.

Hospitals saturated with COVID-19

Some hospitals overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients are:

  • Dr. Manuel Gea González General Hospital – Mexico City
  • ISSSTE Ixmiquilpan – Hidalgo
  • IMSS Tepatitlan Region 21 General Hospital – Jalisco
  • Hermosillo Private Hospital – Sonora
  • IMSS Hes 71 Torreon – Coahuila
  • San Diego United Community Hospital – Guanajuato
  • IMSS-Arroyos-Veracruz Benefit Plan
  • Patzcuaro General Hospital – Michoacán
  • Tulancingo General Hospital – Hidalgo
  • Dr. Ernesto Ramos Burse State General Hospital – Sonora
  • Pochutela General Hospital – Oaxaca
  • ISSSTE Pátzcuaro – Michoacán
  • Leon Pediatric Specialty Hospital – Guanajuato
  • Villa Sola Vega Community Hospital – Oaxaca
  • IMSS Hes – Puebla
  • Dr. Aurelio Valdivieso General Hospital – Oaxaca

he SARI network information systemassured that the Ministry of Health is working towards transparency and communication of hospital occupancy data of health institutions in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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