These microrobots fight cancer right inside the body

Although these types of ideas are not new, because we have been hearing about them for a long time, they are in the end have a chance to leave laboratories and start helping doctors fight dangerous diseases in the real world.

This is the plan of the American Chemical Society. Scientists are carrying out a very interesting project related to microrobots. By 3D printers they prepared different kinds of creatures like fish and crabs. All of them are made of a hydrogel. Their form doesn’t really matter, but scientists decided to have a little fun and see if they could be used in other ways.

Drugs were placed inside the microrobots and then introduced into the artificial circulatory system. Scientists they steered microrobots with magnets. Once they have reached the cancer cells, releasing drugs directly on them, and these gradually destroy them.

Scientists explain that the whole experiment was successful and showed that it was technology can be effective. For now, however, further research and adaptation of such a solution to people are needed. Firstly, you need to reduce the microrobots, and secondly, create a system that will allow you to efficiently manage them so that they reach a specific place.

For many years, we have been hearing about microrobots repairing our organisms from the inside. However, until now, the world of medicine has looked to the potential in drug delivery in microrobots made of electronics. Unfortunately, such a solution is very expensive and difficult to implement.

Meanwhile, the idea of ​​the American Chemical Society has a chance to be implemented much faster, as building microrobots with hydrogel and using a 3D printer is much cheaper and can be popularized faster. At least that’s the plan we keep our fingers crossed for.


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