These stars became ugly after an accident (pictures)

Car accident, domestic accident or life drama… Stars are in no better condition than normal humans. Like many people, few celebrities escaped death. Recently a miracle happened to Jeremy Renner. The actor was admitted to the hospital on January 1″In serious but stable condition. After being involved in a snow removal accident at his home after a storm hit the United States. While clearing a driveway on his property near Lake Tahoe in Nevada, Jeremy Renner was hit by his icy plow., we can also quote semi-swamp And Ashton Kutcher, Who narrowly survived the plane crash or Robert Pattinson, who could have been crushed by an elephant. Although all of these celebrities escaped death, some weren’t so lucky…

On July 30, 2017, Mary Garrett’s life was turned upside down. That day the winner of the fifth season of Secret Story met with a serious road accident. “There’s a boy who suddenly appeared with me. I found myself completely disfigured. I had to have an operation. It was not cosmetic surgery but restorative surgery, because I could no longer eat or open my mouth. “, she believed. Mary Garrett had to undergo laser surgery to hide the scar. “I wanted to die I was passing by (…)

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