These stars look like twins. It’s hard to tell them apart! see photos

It is established that supposedly every person has at least one double in the world. However, it rarely happens that people who are deceptively similar to each other ever meet. Interestingly, the world of show business knows quite a lot of stars who resemble other celebrities (and we are not talking about the regulars of aesthetic medicine salons). “Ordinary” Internet users, who simply resemble well-known and liked people, are also popular on the web. This is the case with tiktokerka, for example Rose Van Rijnwhich a few months ago conquered the world media, due to its great resemblance to Princess Diana. In fact, looking at their photos, it’s hard to get lost, and many Internet users even write about the reincarnation of Prince Charles’s ex-wife …

This is not the only time two well-known people are so similar. We have collected a dozen other examples.

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These stars look like twins

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