These T-shirts are to support the boycott of the World Cup in Qatar. Thousands of workers lost their lives

The Amnesty International website describes the inhumane working conditions of foreign workers in Qatar, where the football world cup will be held next year.

– Our T-shirts are a tool in the fight for human rights in Qatar. We are the first club in the world with such an action and through the media we hope that the world will pay more attention to the situation in Qatar, where several thousand workers have already lost their lives in the construction of stadiums – said club president Oeyvind Alapnes.

He recalled that on February 26, Tromsoe IL was the first club to openly propose a boycott of the World Cup. – As you can see, the little snowball from the north of Europe is getting bigger and bigger, with discussions in international forums. That is why we took a second step, because it is impossible to remain silent on this matter – he explained.

A relevant announcement was also published on the club’s website. “We were hoping that FIFA and Qatar would eventually hear us out, but of course money still has an advantage over human rights and human lives. How many human rights violations are there in the football community to be able to demand better protection for the rights of immigrant workers? that football and politics do not go hand in hand and we can never look away when some people use our beautiful game to overshadow human rights violations. Together we can change that, “we read.

The club’s action is fully supported by the Norwegian football federation.

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