These will be the prices of cigarettes, vodka and beer in 2022. Calculations after the excise tax increase

From 2022, cigarettes and alcohol will become more expensive – including vodka, beer and wine. All thanks to the government’s decision to increase the excise tax from the new year. The government argues the increase with the desire to shape pro-health attitudes of Poles. How will this decision translate into the prices of vodka, beer, wine, cigarettes and the so-called innovative products? The calculations are available in the gallery above. Unfortunately, this is not the end of the increases – the excise tax increase plan for the coming years is ready.

31 billion zlotys a year – this is how the costs related to alcohol abuse are assessed (data from the State Agency for Solving Alcohol Problems). The government wants to shape pro-health attitudes of Poles and increases the excise duty on alcohol, cigarettes and tobacco. It will enter into force in January 2022.

How will the excise tax increase translate into the prices of wine, beer, vodka and cigarettes? Check it out in this gallery:

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From January 1, 2022, the following will be increased:

  • excise duty rates for ethyl alcohol, beer, wine, fermented beverages and intermediate products by 10% (the increase will not apply to cider and perry with alcohol content up to 5% vol.),
  • the minimum rate of excise duty on cigarettes from the current 100% to 105% of the total excise duty amount,
  • excise duty rates on innovative products by increasing the quota rate by 100%.
  • There is also introduced a minimum excise duty rate on smoking tobacco in the amount of 100% of the total amount of excise duty.

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