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The dream of all housewives is to collect dry laundry without having to iron it. Ironing clothes is one of the hardest activities in the house: it requires effort, precision, patience, a certain amount of electricity consumption, a lot of time.

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For some garments such as shirts, you have to work even harder for an optimal result: they must be ironed with care, be super straight.

There is a method simple and cheap for make the ironing process faster? Yes, it exists. Find out what it is.

Ironing: a foolproof trick to speed up the process

The method we want to reveal to you to speed up ironing is also used in the laundry. It’s a simple and effective trick, you only need a few aluminum foil.

Many housewives do not know that tinfoil greatly facilitates the ironing process: you get straight garments without wrinkles in no time.

The method it’s simple, just a few steps:

  • Take 1-2 aluminum sheets large enough to wrap the iron frame of the ironing board, after removing the cover;
  • Place your clothes on the foil-coated ironing board.

Done! Now you can iron your clothes and get a perfect ironing quickly. You will see wrinkles and annoying creases disappear quickly. Ironing with this method will even seem fun.

Why is this aluminum foil system so effective?

When ironing, the heat released by the iron it is held by the foil and expands more between the fibers. This system is able to easily and quickly stretch fabrics by removing creases and wrinkles in the blink of an eye.

Useful tips for stress-free ironing

In phase of wash, it is advisable not to load the washing machine too much, choose short washes without using the spin cycle or by decreasing the revolutions (setting the spin cycle between 600 and 800 revolutions) and avoid too high temperatures. All this to prevent the garments from creasing and annoying wrinkles. In particular, the excessive load does not allow the garments to move enough, therefore they tend to form wrinkles.

TO end of washing, you should immediately remove the washed clothes from the washing machine and spread them out without leaving them rolled up in the drum for too long. Use the clothespins in such a way as not to leave marks (pin them in the most hidden places).

When picking up dry laundry, do not leave it on the chair for too long to avoid wrinkling it further. It is better not to wait long before ironing the clothes.

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