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China rejects “unilateral” sanctions on Russia and reiterates its opposition to the use of sanctions, after Western countries decided to block some Russian banks from the Swift system. “They do not solve the problems,” said the spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang Wenbin, adding that China “has always opposed unilateral sanctions that are above international law”.

Putin will not stop.  Ukraine and sanctions, De Bortoli's dramatic prediction

But how will relations between Russia and China really change in the coming months? “The economic losses for Russia will be substantial – argues this in an interview with Libero Federico Rampini, a New York columnist for Corriere della Sera and author of the book” Stopping Beijing “- but Putin has been preparing for this conflict for years and has done everything he could to build a more autarchic economy, less exposed to sanctions, more orientated towards the East. While he modernized his armed forces, he reduced public debt and foreign debt, just to be able to withstand a financial siege. China has enormous energy needs, so it will be able to absorb all the gas that Europe will eventually stop buying, and has already decided to build new infrastructure to transport more Russian gas to the East. However, he is also investing heavily in nuclear power, which he considers to all intents and purposes a renewable source, in solar, wind and electric cars. This means that as a fossil energy customer from Russia, he will have a decreasing appetite over time, as Xi realizes his decarbonisation plans ».

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