They boo Jafrica and her essence in full concert: ‘Disgust’

Jafrica and her Essence cannot be forgiven by the public for speaking out against Mexico.they were recently invited frontier group At one of their concerts, people didn’t take them very well.

Grupo Frontera Shows Up in Arizona and Invites Jafrica y Su Esencia Players On stage to sing a viral song together “Fragile”, However, as soon as the youngsters took the stage, some of the attendees refused to perform.

In clips distributed on TikTok shared by users @jorgecampos246we can see that a group of men were upset when they saw a mass of young coridos lying around.

In the image, their disgusted faces can be seen, one saying “disgusting” and the other expressing disgust on their face.

A video has also circulated on TikTok claiming that Jafrica and Essence had to walk off stage because of the boos, but the images do not show the same happening.

Yahritza y su Esencia announces collaboration with Banda MS and los tunden

Jafrica and Essence have come under fire for saying they hate Mexico and prefer Washington food to Mexican food.

A few days ago, the youth band announced a collaboration with Banda MS and people attacked the legendary group playing ‘El color de tus ojo’. Because people don’t agree that a group as famous as Banda MS should play songs by boys. controversial people.

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