They capture Augusto Bravo, the man Adianes Hernández has fallen in love with, but he refuses to speak.

Of the people involved, august bravo He is the only person who has not spoken publicly about the affair. Adianes Hernandez Recently, both the actress and her husband lived next door to him, Rodrigo Cachero, and Augusto’s ex-girlfriends spoke up and told their version of events. But when Bravo caught him outside the roast chicken business he runs with his family, he refused to talk and avoided the cameras. This is because they did not respond to the host’s requests yesterday, which is why they have been criticized. One of them will be responsible for the event.

Last week, it was announced that Rodrigo Cachero and Adianes Hernández had ended their 10-year relationship, including 5 years of marriage, but they seemed upset when they broke the news. However, he did not clarify the reason. Separation. This is the first time Larisa Mendizábal, Adianez’s ex-wife and mother of his eldest son Santiago, has told reporters that the rumors that Adianez was unfaithful to the actor who was her lover were true. Ta.

Therefore, it was Cachero again who spoke next, asking for respect for the children he shares with Adianes through social networks. Ian and Kai explained that people were commenting on the situation on their children’s Instagram profiles, which caused annoyance for the actors who want to protect their children more than anything, and that they have been through a very complicated situation. I am aware that there are. He imagined himself growing old with the host he met on a soap opera in which she starred and directed actors.

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Yesterday morning, Adianes broke her silence and said that she had disabled comments on social networks to avoid attacks and that she had made a mistake that affected not only herself, but also her mother, father, siblings and children. He explained that he was aware of this. And their father. The former “Survivor” contestant recognized that her actions in cheating on her husband were not ideal, but acted motivated by an infatuation stemming from an interaction with Augusto Bravo she met. He announced. He is the partner of Cachero’s ex-wife.

Therefore, she herself recognized her fault and asked the other three people involved to take their part in everything that happened, suggesting that her husband had neglected the relationship.

Thus, “Ventaneando” waited for Bravo outside the premises of her family’s roast chicken business, and Augusto spoke to the show’s reporter, but if she did not speak, he asked her to go without cameras. That’s because he is not a public figure and he does not consider himself obligated to do so.

But the reporter waited for him outside the store and followed Augusto to his car when he left, but remained silent in the face of questions asking for her version of events at Hernández’s request. Ta.

In this sense, Daniel Bisogno, who declared himself a close friend of Bravo, said that Adianes and Augusto are still together.

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