They caught a man suspected of working with 18 gangs and gave an interview to the YouTuber

In a statement to the YouTuber, the detainee said he was committed to “taking care” of the Villa de Jesús community in Soyapango and described himself as a “civilian.”

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January 3, 2024 – 12:22

Public Security Minister Gustavo Villatoro reported yesterday that a man accused of collaborating with the 18th Sureños Gang was captured in Soyapango.

The official assured that the detainee’s name is Jaime Mauricio Salas Girón, also known as Lustre, described as an associate of the 18 Sureños gang, who was arrested through a complaint filed through social networks .

According to the complaint cited by Villatoro, Salas appears to be making statements in the video about the alleged control he maintains in the Zoiapango community.

“Thanks to the investigative and intelligence work of our national police, we found and captured this terrorist,” The minister said via social networks.

Security Minister Gustavo Villatoro said he was arrested after receiving complaints on social networks. Photo courtesy of @Vi11atoro.

On December 27 last year, Costa Rican YouTuber Cristopher Araya posted a video on his channel (Araya Vlogs) in which the now-detained man said He is not affiliated with a gang and works to “take care of the area,” but he also positions himself as a “vigilante” for the Villa Jesus community.

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“Please note that I do not “I have control because the person in control is Bukele, but we do take care of the area because, well, yeah, we’re not gang members or gang members or anything, okay,” He declared when asked if he “controls” who comes in and out of the town.

He said he and others committed to care were “civilians” who “given” their will because they asked no one, and reiterated their commitment to surveillance in the area.

The YouTuber asked him if he had any trouble with the government over some “VP” letters tattooed on his chest that he showed to the camera.

“I don’t have any problem with the government, but the problem is there are a lot of people who are snitches because they see you all have tattoos and they give you the middle finger because you’re a gangster,” replied.

Villatoro noted that they would not allow “any criminal organization to usurp government power.”

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