They claim the dog food “makes them sick” and “kills them.” How authentic?

On social networks, users have canceled Purine and his Dry food series After some claims appeared, for dogs and cats Pets can get sick and die Because of their products.

It is reported dog and cat owners Across the U.S., pets experience Seizures, vomiting and diarrhea After eating the line Purina, Purina Pro Plan and Purina Onethese are commercially promoted as “performance” formulas.

in facebook group Save one pet at a time Anecdotes from over 200 owners puppy who said they saw their pet Some people have become sick from eating dry food, and others have died from medical complications after ingesting dry food.

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Christina Steeleone member of the group stated that his Three-year-old dog died accidentally for food Purine: “He stopped eating and vomited. “He quickly became ill, his arms became severely swollen and his kidneys stopped working. ”

Before multiple statements What users do on social networks, brands PurineNestle-owned company denies its product make dog sick and said he investigated the line to provide evidence for his defence.

“There is absolutely no data to suggest that we have a pattern of problems,” he told us new york post Lorie Westhoff, company spokesperson.

The spokesperson continued: “While consumers post stories in this Facebook group, we do not receive a large number of complaints directly. If we receive any complaints, we will take them seriously and investigate. Our teams have not received any complaints That speaks volumes for any complaints.”

“Purina has a comprehensive quality and safety program designed to detect any potential issues long before the product reaches pet owners,” the company said. company in a separate statement.

“Across our entire network of factories, we perform more than 100,000 quality checks every day, from testing raw materials as they come in, through the entire production process and finished product.”

Until now U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA in English), responsible for investigating and regulating commercial products, in addition to formulating food safety report, He hasn’t said anything about it yet.

“We have been in contact with the FDA and they are aware of these rumors,” Purina said.

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