“They come back indoors”. But Hope denies it

Here we go again with the smash of indoor masks. Last Tuesday the technicians of the Ministry of Health, in agreement with the Regions, prepared the draft of a very detailed circular which provided the return to the obligation of masks erga omnes, along with a whole host of additional restrictions.

This one of the significant passages elaborated by the health Taliban still under the orders of Minister Speranza: “In Italy, the mandatory use of masks in health and long-term care facilities is still in force, in accordance with the provisions of the order of the Minister of Health of 29 September 2022. Their use in closed public spaces it may be a first option to limit transmission in the community in the event that an evident epidemiological worsening is documented with a serious clinical impact and / or on health care and / or on the functioning of essential services. Similarly, in the event of a significant worsening of the epidemic, the temporary adoption of other measures may be considered, such as working from home or limiting the size of events involving gatherings “.

But that’s not enough, in the same document there is a passage that seems written at the beginning of the pandemic, when little or nothing was known of a virus with relative low lethality, as confirmed by the numbers of an emergency that does not seem to have an end: “Although the evolution of the pandemic is currently unpredictable – it reads -, our country must prepare – for the third consecutive year – to face an autumn and a winter in which an increased health care impact could be observed, attributable to various acute respiratory diseases. The future of the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic depends not only on new variants that can emerge and replace those previously circulating, but also on the behavior and immune status of the population. It is particularly important to avoid congestion in health care facilities by limiting the incidence of serious illness from COVID-19 by protecting especially the most vulnerable people and by affecting modifiable factors whereby health systems and society must continue to adapt their response to the epidemic. of Sars-Cov-2 “.

However, Speranza himself has, at least for now, stopped this sort of Mass tso imposed through bureaucracy, explaining that “no circular coming up. The monitoring of the epidemiological picture continues – he added – and the fourth dose continues to be recommended for the frail and over 60 ″.

But beyond the measures that the minister of viral fear will be able to adopt in the few days that still remain at the head of public health, the chilling and very detailed draft, which certainly will not have been drawn up without his knowledge, offers us a exhaustive idea of ​​what he would have in store for us for the fourth consecutive winter. A hellish winter based on masks, tampons, vaccines and, why not, also the attempt to reintroduce a social control mechanism on the model of the abominable green pass.

On the other hand, when we continue to put pen to paper that “health systems and society must continue to adapt their response to the epidemic of Sars-Cov-2”, any restrictions are implicitly admitted and, equally implicitly, considered superior to any constitutional constraint. On the contrary, everything must be linked to the need, which is considered primary, to contain the spread of a virus that currently causes the same symptoms of a banal seasonal flu.

Claudio Romiti, October 5, 2022

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