They complained to Europol about partners and representatives allied to Alex Saab


Carlos Lizcano, Alex Saab and Álvaro Pulido operators in the Clap business and secretly went to defend Alex in 2019 ·Representatives of the Alex Saab and Chavismo businesses have reported to Europol.

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Representatives named in the complaint include Luis Parra, José Brito, Adolfo Superlano, Conrado Pérez, Chaim Bucaram and Richard Arteaga. They are accused of making the secret trip with the aim of cleaning up Saab and Alvaro Pulido’s businesses, particularly those linked to the Chávez regime and the Local Supply and Production Council (Clap).

The complaint also names Carlos Rolando Lizcano Manrique, identified as the operator of Saab and Pulido in Clap’s business. According to the document, in 2019, the persons involved in the case will hire a Spanish law firm to provide services, but will not pay the agreed fees to the law firm.

The law firm is now condemning the representatives, insisting they provided “fraudulent documents” aimed at “legitimizing capital” and “confirming corrupt practices.” The complaint details that lawmakers attempted to launder “€1.1 billion” in Clap-related activities and attempted to unfreeze accounts in European banks.

Companies named in the complaint include Group Grand Limited and Mulberry Proje, both of which are linked to the networks of Alex Saab and Álvaro Pulido. See also Max Power Engineering Limited, which is linked to Venezuelan businessmen Miguel Ángel González Biagioni and Fernando Bermúdez Ramos.

Europol authorities have opened an investigation into the case, which could have national and international repercussions.

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