“” They criticize him, but the company sold him De Ligt and Kulusevski! “

In the last period stuffed with several negative results, the name of Massimiliano Merry it ended up on the press and fans grid several times.

Indeed, the game offered by the Livorno coach has never been sparkling, but if before his return to the Juventus bench he still managed to obtain results, at the moment the team is not able to reach even those consistently.

A fairly common, but not total, current of thought. John Galleon in fact, a Free he gave the greatest blame to the management, guilty of having sold two young players like de Ligt and Kulusevski and having replaced them with thirty-year-olds, thus not opening the cycle that was so much talked about. Below is an excerpt of his words.


Tell Allegri, come, let’s set a plong-term program and then sell him the 20-year-olds de Ligt and Kulusevski and get some 30-year-olds? It’s not like that. Vote for leadership? Bass. He made incomprehensible choices.

If the Agnelli family calls you back after kicking you out, it is an admission that you have made the mistake. It has too many players playing different scores. There is no musicality, when Cuadrado accelerates Rabiot brakes. There is no rhythm. Max at Milan proposed better football. That said, it needs to do more.

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