They cut off the heads of … mannequins as per Taliban order

Obeidullah Yari, a leader of the local business community, said on Monday that around 20 percent. stores in the provincial capital of Herat, has already implemented this order to avoid punishment.

Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Malicewhich is responsible for managing the interpretation of Islam, decreed last week that shoppers the mannequins should have their heads removed as they offend Islam, warning that violators of the new rules will be punished.

The owners of shopping centers and Clothing sellers initially criticized the Taliban Directive, telling Afghan media that mannequins are also used to showcase clothes in other Islamic countries. Yari said, however, that the shopkeepers were removing the heads of the mannequins.

Aziz Rahman, head of the provincial ministry, told local media that He ordered the shopkeepers to hack the heads of the mannequins because “they are idols”. He explained that Islam forbids idolatry, that is, the worship of idols.

The decree requires drivers to they only carried passengers who were wearing a headscarf or a hijab and were accompanied by a male family memberif they travel more than 72 kilometers. He also orders taxi drivers to grow beards, stop their vehicles while praying, and stop playing music while driving.

The ministry has also reportedly banned Afghan women from driving. It also ordered local channels to stop showing dramas and soap operas with actressesand newscasters wearing hijab.

Photo: Bilal Guler / AFP

Afghans are seen in their daily life in Herat, Afghanistan, January 3, 2022.

Taliban chief spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, in a recent interview with Afghan state television, defended the steps taken by the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Malice.

But Mujahid said all government “religious departments” are instructed not to “treat people badly and be kind to them“when giving them guidance on Islam.

The ultra-conservative Taliban regained power in August and established a fully male interim cabinet that it is to rule a country torn by conflict according to a strict interpretation of Islam by this group, despite pledging not to return to the strict rules of the previous regime of 1996-2001.

Photo: Bilal Guler / AFP

Afghan woman, Herat, Afghanistan, January 3, 2022.

The government has allowed students to return to class, but girls in many Afghan provinces are still awaiting permission, and most women have not been allowed to return to work.

When the Taliban was in power, girls were not allowed to go to school and women were not allowed to work or receive education. The then Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Malice, or the morality police, was accused of serious human rights violations, which led to Afghanistan’s isolation from the world.

The Mujahid said that arrangements were made to allow all Afghan girls to resume their education, noting that female students in several provinces had already returned to class.

Critics, however, are skeptical about the Taliban’s assurances and claim that the group is gradually restoring the repressive policies of the past.

The United States and the international community did not recognize the new Taliban government and suspended most of the non-humanitarian financial assistance to this aid-dependent country.

Afghanistan is in a severe humanitarian crisis resulting from years of war, drought and poverty. The United Nations has repeatedly warned that more than half of the country’s population is at risk of starvation and nearly a million children are at risk of dying from “severe acute malnutrition.”

Source: Reuters, SCMP,, Yahoo

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