They defraud Cubans by selling fake tickets

A network of scammers continues to defraud Cubans planning to leave the country by selling fake tickets.

The desperation to leave the island became unsustainable and many fell into the hands of unscrupulous people who profited from the needs of others.

One of the most recent cases involved a family selling all their property in Cuba to buy plane tickets to Guyana. The scammer promised to fly on Aruba Air, which flies between Havana and Georgetown. However, the deception doesn’t stop there.

The robbery victim paid $1,400 to an alleged personal manager. She then sold more tickets to others, making more and more false promises. For example, the itinerary will include transportation to Uruguay. Additionally, upon arrival in Guyana, secret passage through Brazil is guaranteed.

modus operandi

The modus operandi was repeated again and again; as desperation to leave Cuba grew, more and more Cubans continued to “take the bait.” It turns out that famous “travel agencies” openly advertise their exclusive services. One of them is selling tickets and the other is hiring managers who collect money in Cuba.

However, as expected, these agents were never discovered and both agents and clients were deceived. One couple was a victim of such a scam, having planned a trip to Uruguay through the so-called travel agency.

The amount of fraud amounted to $4,200.00. To get the money, they were forced to sell their house. Now they have no housing and no longed-for air tickets.

To avoid falling for such a scam, it is important to verify the authenticity of your ticket. This can be checked at the airport, at a physical establishment or on the airline’s official website.

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