They distributed tool kits to community gardens in Rio Quarto – Web de Noticias

  • Said action is part of the joint work carried out by the neighborhood councils together with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.
  • This activity seeks to train, provide technical assistance, and strengthen self-consumption garden initiatives with tools and seasonal seeds.

with a visit to Mariana Victoria VigoUndersecretary of Family Agriculture, Delivery of D.e tool kit To 4 Community Garden from the city fourth quarter,

It is part of the various actions performed by the activity neighborhood councilsin a joint effort with Ministry of Agriculture and LivestockThrough under secretary of family agriculture,

Vigo insisted on this occasion: “We work closely with the references and managers of each producing location through neighborhood councils. We brought tool kits to 4 local community gardens, and finally we’ll end the day at the Polo Integral de la Mujer, which also has a garden workshop space., and it is also a seed distribution point,

,With regard to the Under-Secretary under my charge, through the program “Harvesting for my family – the garden in your home”, we aim to continue to strengthen these places and introduce new people to this proposal of self-production of food To be encouraged to participate. seed kits, which are distributed each season”, concluded the officer.

first he visited Community centre ,francisco’s little house“, The Non government organization ,light on your way“, And this community garden nadina ontiveroAnd lady mary, Everyone kit provided one consists of SpadeA jellyA hoeAnd a tube,

It is to be noted that the visit to these places is to meet their needs, and also to train, technically assist and strengthen these initiatives of gardens for self-consumption with tools and seasonal seeds Is.

Gustavo Avila, representative of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights at the conference; representative of the women’s wider poll, Adriana Oviedo; Gonzalo Manchado, coordinator of neighborhood councils; Councilor Milagros Obregón Brizuela, and the coordinators of each community garden, with their work teams.

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