“They don’t report him because they are afraid”

After losing the trial of her ex Johnny Depp, Amber Heard said that the Hollywood star’s exes “are too scared to accuse him publicly of violence.” This is the account of her first interview since she lost her defamation case on June 1st. Heard, 36, spoke to NBC’s Dateline in a chat screened in her entirety for the first time last Friday and told Savannah Guthrie that she was “terrified” of telling her version of her story.

Amber Heard shock in the latest interview: “I still love Johnny Depp.” But then she shows her “evidence” of beatings and abuse on TV

The interview

In the interview, Guthrie pointed out that Heard is the only woman to have come forward on allegations of abuse against Depp. She wondered why no one else would have spoken if they were subjected to the same violent treatment that she claims to have received.
Heard replied, “Look what happened to me when I stepped forward. Would you do it?”. During the libel trial, Kate Moss, for example, testified in court to defend her ex-boyfriend, with whom she dated from 1994-1998 and thus dealt Heard a hard blow by denying the actress’s claim that Depp he once pushed the former supermodel down a flight of stairs.

In fact, during Heard’s testimony, Kate Moss reported hearing allegations that Depp once pushed her down a flight of stairs: the actress, however, according to testimony in support of Depp, also said that Depp actually helped her after she accidentally slipped.
Amber Heard, on the other hand, said that while one day was arguing with Depp Depp at the top of a ladder, her sister, Whitney Heard, stepped between them: “She threw herself on the firing line. She was trying to get Johnny to stop. She had her back to the stairs and I didn’t exist, immediately thinking about what had happened to Kate Moss, and so I hit him ». Kate Moss retorted that Depp never “pushed or threw her down the stairs” but that he took care of her after she stumbled on a trip they took together in Jamaica.

The outburst

Amber Heard vented: “I know that the most frightening and intimidating thing for anyone who talks about sexual violence is not to be believed, to be called a liar or to be humiliated. And I’m not saying this out of revenge because that would be a really bad way to get revenge, “she continued:” As silly as it is to say it out loud, my goal is: I just want people to see me as a human being. “
On Friday, just before the interview aired, Heard’s team insisted that Depp didn’t regret what he had done: “If Mr. Depp or his team have a problem with telling the truth,” we recommend that he sit with Savannah Guthrie for an hour to answer all of her questions, “a spokesperson told DailyMail.com, as Heard called Depp, 59, a” liar “and upped the ante by claiming to have been beaten and sexually assaulted during their relationship.

Heard also showed a binder full of her therapist’s notes; new evidence demonstrating his allegations of physical and sexual abuse against Depp, despite these notes already being dismissed by the judge.

“I will remain true to what I have said until the day I die. I know what happened to me. I’m here as a survivor, “Heard said again, who specified:” I never wanted the allegations of abuse against Depp to be so publicly broadcast and I never wanted to go to trial. But I had no choice. ‘ And although she continues to pursue her accusations of her, Heard insists that she wants nothing more than to continue her life: “I can’t wait to live my life and I have a long one, I hope, in front of me. to me. And I will continue to follow it with my chin raised ».

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