They drift and race on the streets of Poznań. “No police intervention”

Local residents are complaining.

– I am asking you for help and intervention in the case of frequent and dangerous violations of road regulations. The problem concerns the recently built roundabout at ul. Folwarczna – os. Przemysław. In the evenings (especially on free days, weekends), dangerous and noisy “drifts” take place here. No police intervention – maybe bringing this matter up by journalists will have some effect? The roundabout has very little traffic, so maybe the solution would be to install speed bumps? This will not reduce the capacity of the roundabout, and will probably prevent night raids by road pirates – Maria Reader wrote to us.

We wrote about the fact that in this area there is “drifting” already in 2020. At that time, the residents also informed us about the problem. On the other hand, the police admitted that they had not received such reports. It is similar today. – We have not had any signals of such incidents in this area recently – says Marta Mróz from the Poznań police. – The more we appeal to residents to report such situations. They can call 112, and if they do not want to call, they can mark the location on the Police National Hazard Map – encourages.

Similar information, but this time about races, reaches us from Cmentarna Street. – For many months, car races have been held on Cmentarna Street. I have a question: where are the police? And why doesn’t he do anything about it – writes the Reader.

And in this case, Marta Mróz admits that the police have not received any reports in recent days. – Here, however, the situation is slightly different as the police know that illegal races have taken place there in the past and are visiting the area with this in mind – says.

Last weekend, policemen were informed about “drifting” in two locations. Among others in Swadzim. – In one of these places the application has not been confirmed, and in the other, several people have been identified – ends.

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