they empty your current account at the cashier

A supermarket-related scam is making its way these days. Here’s what it is and how to be careful not to be fooled.

Scam –

In the last period, many Italians are dealing with theprice increase which not only affected energy sources such as gas and electricity but also foodstuffs with a significant increase in prices.

In fact, compared to the past months, we can see how the prices of some foods have skyrocketed and for this reason some citizens are unable to meet their needs by limiting their expenses.

Supermarket: here is the scam that is fooling many consumers

Although the state has funded gods Bonus thanks to Aid Decree and al Aid Decree Bisso that the country’s economy gets back on track with an alignment of supply and demand, however, it seems that things have not completely changed.

Supermarket: beware of the scam
Supermarket –

For this, he expects the next Government can implement maneuvers that are really effective and can put an end to this problem that is afflicting everyone Italy for a few months.

The problems arose after the war in Ukraine as some commodities don’t come in Italy or if they arrive in our country they are minimal and therefore the cost also increases due to the difficulty of crossing the borders.

Supermarket: beware of the scam
Supermarket –

Therefore, seeing the cost of some foods rise, some Italian citizens have begun to buy products at supermarkets called discount stores in order to save even if the quality is lower than that of the big brands.

In addition, many supermarket chains have decided to close the shutter on holidays in order to save themselves on bills since they use many refrigerators and cannot turn them off during the hours when the store is closed so as not to deteriorate those products that require low temperatures. .

But in this period, you have to beware of supermarket scams. In addition to opening your eyes well in the points of sale that tend to make you spend the 30% in addition to consumers, by making them buy apparently larger packages but with less product inside, we must not fall into the trap of online scam.

The online scam

In fact, in recent weeks, many users find themselves both on social networks and via emails received in front of some offers to receive bonus or victories of supermarkets for one good shopping.

By clicking on the link indicated, the user finds himself having to fill in a form and then they will be asked to enter their data so that this very convenient voucher is sent to their address.

Once these sections have been filled in, however, a small one is also asked indemnity to ensure that the voucher is sent in the best possible way and since the amount requested is minimal compared to the amount of the voucher that will be delivered, many add the data of their credit card.

And it is precisely here that the scam happens, as the unfortunate person finds himself with a greater share of money to be curtailed and cannot do anything to get it back as the link is not truthful but only the result of a scam.

Supermarket: beware of the scam
Supermarket –

There are many people who have fallen into this trick devised by criminal minds, mostly elderly people or people unfamiliar with the use of social media or the web who find themselves finding such an offer advantageous.

Therefore, if you receive such an email or you notice an interesting offer on social media, you must make sure that it comes from the supermarket chain in question, perhaps by contacting customer service or going to the store and asking if a promotion is really in place. such.

Once you have made the mistake and been scammed, it is unfortunately very unlikely that you will be able to get your money back and have to block your card.

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