They escape the control of the owner, 5 bulldogs attack and tear a woman to pieces: suppressed

For the victim, a 63-year-old woman, there was no chance of escape. The 31-year-old stopped by the Merseyside police is accused of possessing dangerous dogs and lack of surveillance.

Five specimens of american bulldog they managed to escape the owner’s control and in no time they rushed on a woman which was in the garden of the house attacking and tearing it apart.

The horrifying sequence in the past few hours outside a Kirkdale district house, in Liverpoolin England.

For the victim, a 63-year-old woman, there was no chance of escape. When medical help arrived, the lady had dog deaths wounds all over her body and constant resuscitation maneuvers, the doctors had to declare her death shortly after.

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The site of the bulldog attack

The site of the bulldog attack

The alarm went off on Monday afternoonì, around 4.30pm, when emergency services were called to a property in St Brigids Crescent for a woman injured by dog ​​attacks. Shortly after, the woman was unfortunately declared dead on the spot.

In addition to the ambulances, several police cars and forensics agents rushed to the scene of the incident for the findings of the case outside and inside the house.

After asking for the help of the residents for any testimony on the facts, the police soon after dog owner arresteda 31-year-old local.

A spokesperson for the Merseyside police explained that the five American bulldogs, who were on the property, were handed over to authorities and immediately suppressed.

The 31-year-old arrested instead is accused of possession of dangerous dogs and lack of surveillance. “However, our investigations are continuing and we are trying to establish what exactly happened, so I urge anyone who can help get in touch with us,” added investigative inspector Katie Coote.

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