they give you a € 7500 fine

The police now seem to be serious and have decided to intervene with various checkpoints and tight controls that can really make many of us cry. It all seems to have something to do with rising fuel prices. What controls are we talking about? Read on below to find out more.

Roadblock –

If you own diesel engines, keep your eyes peeled, as tight police controls await you that could destabilize you at any moment. How come?

Fuel prices: absurd increases

As most of us know by now petrol and diesel they almost represent a luxury that many can hardly afford anymore. Their price seems to have skyrocketed, just think that by now they have touched the 2 euros per liter e this is something that has never happened before.

This year, however, we also went further up to touch 2.45 euros. So here we are talking about a real problem especially for those who travel for miles and miles to go to work, for example.

Let’s take the example of representatives who are around all day and every day. And what about the taxi drivers: in short, they are the ones who lose out. If we think that the price of diesel has far exceeded that of petrol, we realize how the situation is really unsustainable.

Do not be surprised if many of us choose to buy diesel cars and this not only because there is a lower consumption in liters for a certain number of km, but also and above all because of these prices that increase and which instead were previously very accessible. Now, however, everything is the opposite of everything. Because?

A situation that has turned upside down: why?

Surely at the center we have the crisis that is taking place because of the war that is going on affecting Russia and Ukraine.


Russia has in fact closed the gas doors: consequently our methane and LPG cars have suffered a stop in this sense.

Many have had to resort to traditional fuel.

This has other consequences: if supply falls and demand rises, prices can only rise too. In our country, if we think about it, there are more diesel cars around, not to mention the various speculations concerning the price increase. In short, we are facing a more than negative scenario and it is precisely in this scenario that some controls take shape.

The police and their checks on the tanks of the cars

The police are not there and precisely because they are aware of the fact that there are some great crafty ones who are smart to save on diesel, they have decided to do some tight checks.


Some, you think, have come to the point of putting seed oil as fuel: this is absolutely forbidden, however, and that is why in the event of a positive assessment in this sense, serious penalties are envisaged.


Because the law says we must pay the VAT and other money on car fuels and other means that are gasoline and diesel. Yet this was not enough to stop those few crafty ones who instead use cooking oil for their diesel cars.

For example, many have come to use rapeseed oil in the engine of your car.

But does it really work?

Sanctions and fines

Yes, but we must bear in mind that all this involves risks because you risk damaging your engine and the penalties in this regard are really tough.


Violate art. 40 of Legislative Decree 504 of 1996 means being able to be imprisoned for six months to three years and being able to receive one fine double to ten times the tax evaded no less than 7,500 euros.

This means that it is really risky to take risks also because it is really easy to discover these tactics: these oils in fact emit a strong smell and even with a simple check you can come to the conclusion that you messed up badly.

So if you really want to save money, avoid doing these tricks, because the fines could be really high.

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