They identify the body of a Cuban found in the Guama River in Pinar del Rio province

The body found in the Guama River in Pinar del Río province in the past few hours corresponds to that of a young Cuban who was reported missing more than a week ago.

its about Elicel Ledesma MirelesThe 37-year-old disappeared on January 4 after visiting his father, who was admitted to the provincial hospital. cyber cuba Someone who is close to the victim but wishes to remain anonymous.

Sources said the young man “suffered from mental problems” and “his father was admitted to hospital”.

“There was no news from him since January 4th when he set out to visit him until they found him yesterday,” he explained.

According to the statement, experts determined Cause of death was suicide.

“He committed suicide by jumping into the river and he had been missing for eight days, which is why he was so decomposed,” he clarified.

Ledesma Mireles is a maintenance worker at Modesto Gomez Rubio Hospital in San Juan Martinez, just over 20 kilometers from the provincial capital.

Posts circulating on Facebook

Some friends and neighbors asked for information about him on social networks, where they posted a picture in an attempt to find him.

Initially, several witnesses as the body was removed from the tributary said it was that of a man who was badly decomposed and whose head was apparently missing.

A video recorded from a distance shared on the Internet shows the moment authorities began removing the body from the site where it was found, with residents in the area surprised by the sad discovery.

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