They Invent a Motorcycle That Runs on Beer

In the world of inventions, there are some that become essential to our daily lives, while others fade into oblivion. However, there is also a category of inventions that we might consider bizarre. In this sense, Ky Michaelson is known as rocket Man, stands with his inventions related to experimental rockets. Recently, he has presented his latest creation: a motorcycle that runs on beer,

The Beer-Powered Motorcycle: A Bold Invention That Crosses Boundaries.

Who is Ky Michaelson? Ky Michaelson, also known as Rocketman, is a passionate rocket and fireworks enthusiast, recognized for his achievements in the field of amateur launchers. His fascination with rockets goes back to his childhood, as he started building and launching his own rockets at the age of 12. He is particularly recognized for his advances in the field of solid fuel rockets and vehicles powered by homemade rocket engines.

In 2004, he gained world fame by becoming the first hobbyist to send a rocket powered by a homemade rocket engine into space. This historic flight took place in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. With his new invention, the beer powered motorcycle, Ky Michaelson once again defies the rules and the scientists. This is an odd project to be taken with a grain of salt as we obviously haven’t tested this bike, but it is interesting.


As we mentioned earlier, Ky Michaelson is a creative mind who enjoys inventing things that push the boundaries of science. He is not a conventional inventor, but committed to difference and creativity in an extreme way. The idea for a beer-powered motorcycle came from an amusing observation, you have to admit! Realizing that the price of gasoline was rising while the price of beer was stable, Q, who doesn’t drink but drives a lot, decided to invent something that would replace fuel with beer. . Although Ky’s beer-powered bike hasn’t hit the road yet, it’s already won first place at a few local auto shows and been the subject of a feature on Fox 9.

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How does this work.

Ky Michaelson has recently created a sensation with his revolutionary invention. In this bold creation, he’s replaced the traditional gasoline engine with a 14-gallon barrel equipped with a heating coil.

The coil heats the beer to a temperature of 300 °C, turning it into superheated steam. This steam is then directed through special ducts that provide the driving force necessary for the movement of the motorcycle. With this unique technology, Ky Michaelson claims that his bike can reach impressive speeds of up to 240 km/h. This technological achievement and his passion for innovation is a testament to the creativity and vision of this somewhat eccentric inventor in the field of motor vehicles. You can see more of Ky and his inventions on his YouTube channel.

Youtube video

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