“They order us to kill everyone we see. Putin is crazy »- Corriere.it

from Francesco Battistini

The “New York Times” has collected and published the telephone calls from Russian soldiers to family and friends: testimonies that confirm Bucha’s horrors and resentment against Vladimir Putin

KIEV – Hi, Mom. Hi love. Hi my friend. Many are the voices of children, or a little more. And the calls from the front all begin with a melancholy greeting, which immediately becomes an outlet. Records of the month of March, the first days of the invasion of Ukraine. “Now we are in Bucha”, and everything has already been said (Yevgeniy).

«Our offensive is stalled. We are losing this war »(Sergey). “Half of our regiment is gone” (Andrey). “They ordered us to kill whatever we see»(Sergey). “When I get home, I drop everything. Fuck the army ”(Vlad). «Putin is an idiot. He wants to take Kiev. But there is no way to do it “(Aleksandr). Mom, look how I’m not having fun. At all. On the contrary: «Mom, this war is the worst choice made by our government. When will all this end, Putin? Damn”.

A girlfriend tries to reassure, even showing a certain amazement: but how, in Russia on all TVs they ensure that “everything goes according to plan …”. Balle: «On TV, they just want to make people stoner. They say everything ok, there is no war, just an ‘Special military operation… Actually, this is a fucking war! ‘

Live news on the war in Ukraine.

It took two months of work, listening to dozens of recordings, crossing with the telephone numbers of the military, with their messages on the apps, with their social profiles. Now the New York Times publishes the interceptions collected by the Ukrainian SBU secret services, rumors that explain well the mood of Putin’s troops and why, in Russia, tens of thousands are trying to escape to escape the new popular mobilization. Kiev has thousands of calls in hand, these endorsements in the New York Times refer mainly to the first weeks of the war. «Damn – snaps a boy -, the street is full of corpses. They are civilians, everyone around here! A disaster”.

They looted everything. They drank all the alcohol. They stole all the money… Everyone does it ». “Nobody told us we were going to war, they only warned us the day before, we thought it was training. They fooled us like children. Bastards!”. There are those who tell of suicide attempts, enormous losses (“only me of my regiment is left”), summary shootings in the Ukrainian forests (“if we let the prisoners go, they can reveal our positions”), insufficient equipment (“someone takes the bulletproof vests from the bodies of dead Ukrainians and wear them: NATO material is better than ours “). Private Nikita, 656th Brigade of the Russian National Guard, collapses with his girlfriend: we ended up in an ambush, ninety of our people died …

With the latest Putinian mobilization, says Kiev, the ratio between professional soldiers and young conscripts who, often, have never fired a shot is 1 to 5. Thousands of Russian foot soldiers have already been deployed along the “contact line”, the front, but Moscow’s main problem always remains that of providing logistics, which is still insufficient: civilian houses, warehouses, closed rooms, everything is requisitioned and used in the occupied areas in support of the troops. Because newcomers must be educated in some way, equipped.

And above all, deprived of personal mobile phones, where it is possible, precisely to prevent GPS and intercepted calls from becoming a weapon in favor of the Ukrainians. By order of President Volodymyr Zelensky, the services are taking a census of all the voices recorded in recent months, especially to collect useful information. Once declassified, many other conversations will be made public. And some audio is ready to be “exhibited” and listened to by all, in the new War Museum set up on the hills of Kiev.

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