They ordered the 21-year-old to dig a grave. She was brutally murdered – o2

The body of 21-year-old Amanda Albach was found on December 3 on a beach in Santa Catarina in southern Brazil. In connection with the disappearance of the girl, two men and a woman were arrested earlier. One of the suspects admitted that all three had murdered Amanda by having her dig her own grave earlier.

Shocking murder in Brazil. The 21-year-old has dug her own grave

The 21-year-old was previously seen at a party in the nearby town of Florianopolis. She was supposed to go there for the birthday of one of her friends.


Party attendees testified that Amanda left the party last night. They claim that they have not had contact with her since then – describes the lawyer of the victim’s family, Michael Pinheiro.

However, the police found inconsistencies in the testimonies of the party goers. This led investigators to suspect that some of the party’s attendees might have been involved in the case.

Around 8:40 pm, Amanda sent a voicemail to her parents. She said she would be home at dawn. Since then, her phone has been turned off – emphasizes the lawyer.


The 21-year-old’s parents say their daughter’s voice on the video was “very strange”. There was a sound of wind in the background. One of the suspects admitted that the murder took place shortly after the message was sent.

The detainee felt bad about Amanda telling the others that he was involved in drug trafficking. The girl was also supposed to send friends of him with the firearms. That’s why he decided to take the 21-year-old’s life – describes Bruno Fernandes from the police criminal department.

The case is still under investigation. It is unclear whether the three unnamed suspects have already heard the charges.


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