They ordered the arrest of journalist K. Ezequiel Guazola on suspicion of underage corruption

Order Court Number 54 made the order Arrest of extremist journalist Ezequiel Guazola In the case in which he was accusedCorruption of minors under the age of 18”.

A judicial source confirmed that the order was ordered on Aug. 14 by Acting Judge Santiago Carlos about Lawsuit launched in 2022 for alleged sexual abuse of girls Pay the victim’s mother a large sum of money.

Before the Trafficking and Exploitation Prosecutor (Protex), “Suspected Exploitation” of Minors Under 16 by Mothers. The group said Guazola had spoken to a 44-year-old woman from Longchamp, Buenos Aires, about maintaining a sexual relationship with her teenage daughter.

Ezequiel Guazola

On August 13, during the PASO, the young man’s mother was arrested for “trafficking minors” at the Senora del Montserrat Institute at 1300 Via Belgrano, where she went to vote.

Guazola already has a criminal record, Suspended sentence for 3 years in prison for “repeated coercion” He had an emotional relationship with Stella Maris Córdoba, former deputy deputy of the Tucuman Victory Front.

Journalist and Kirchner extremist Ezequiel Guazola arrested for running over police

The decision had been amended to five years as a period of substantive compliance, but the Federal Court of Cassation has amended it and reduced the period of suspension to three years. A requirement for this was that Guazolla had established a residence, submitted it to the Council, and maintained no contact of any kind with Stella Maris Cordoba. Take a course on a gender perspective.

Prison conditions end when a new crime occurs. Because the arrest warrant has been issued, Defendant is a fugitive.

This circumstance precludes a final grant of release pending an oral trial of the crimes charged. The lawyer who has backed Guazola so far is Yanina Nicoletti.

Guazola’s career

Ezequiel Guazola Tweet 20230830

Ezequiel Guazola He ran as a preliminary candidate for state legislature in the Principles and Values ​​Party’s final STEP.fell short of the 1.5% of the votes needed to go to the general election.

In 2021, he was dismissed as an adviser and sentenced for gender assault on former deputy chief of staff Stella Maris Cordova.

In 2020 he was also denounced. Baby Echo Pearl Guazola was charged with harassment and intimidation on public roads after the driver accused Cristina Kirchner of “argentinian cancer” and sued him on the doorstep of Radio Rivadavia. At that time, Guazola said to her: how are you? why are you so poor Why are you so poor to talk about cancer like that? You’re a pitiful person, but you’re really a pitiful person. ”


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