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Job opportunities, welfare, career and training: moving to another country is always a challenging decision. But some really pay …

It is true, very often one looks outside the borders of one’s country to try to get a job opportunity. But also a more peaceful life, better balanced between operations and taxation.

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From here to imagine that there was some country even willing to pay someone to go and live there, however, it passes. Yet similar cases exist, even if contextualized to local realities or to particular subsistence strategies. A similar idea had been advanced by some small Italian municipalities, when they decided to make the so-called ones available to those who wanted houses at 1 euro, aimed at repopulating sparsely populated areas and, consequently, give new life to the social life of the municipality to which it belongs. Here the concept is different and is based more on the concept of globalization. Studies, jobs, masters and so on are clearly the choices that animate the decision to move elsewhere. And the search for professional figures constitutes one of the main thrusts in the direction of hospitality.

Job opportunities are an attractive prospect. And the possibility of transfer, even activating particular benefits for those who accept, is also granted by the so-called exotic countries. In fact, a recent study has shown how numerous tenders and offers are aimed at attracting new potential inhabitants. In the sense that, once the transfer has been made, this would become permanent or at least long enough to make those living in the country a full-fledged citizen. The choice, of course, must be subordinated to an offer concerning. And even the occasions must justify such a radical choice. What is certain is that many are looking only for an opportunity that can give them the opportunity to change their lives, even before their country.

Countries that pay new inhabitants: the world ranking of the best

Some countries, as mentioned, “Pay” those who go to live there. The economic benefits, and in some ways also fiscal ones, are different. A study has shown the presence of similar opportunities even in exceptional destinations, such as Thailand. A nation that, despite stereotypes, offers high-level and free healthcare, with one of the lowest cost of living in the world. Conditions that create the possibility of doing business in a simple way and with almost guaranteed earnings. Furthermore, it is a country that grants long-term visas quickly and free of charge, with possible coverage of the costs of relocation by entities and companies that hire professionals. Of course, the sacrifice would be huge: the distance and the different culture could play against the desire for new challenges. But the charm of the exotic always has a decisive weight.

Also interesting are the possibilities offered by South Korea. Likewise, simple visas and possible work also (and above all) in English. The main factors in favor are the health and education systems, which are among the best in the world. Job opportunities are different and potentially useful even if the idea was to return to your country after a few years, especially as regards the technological field. As for Europe, an opportunity would be Greece. In particular, the town of Antikythera, famous for an administrative initiative that granted funds to newcomers. Eye also to Baltimore, in the USA: something similar was thought here too. Who knows how it went …

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