They planned to break into and steal Maradona’s heart. The Shocking Facts Soccer

Diego Armando Maradona died on November 25, 2020 in Buenos Aires of a heart attack. Less than a year after this sad event, Argentine doctor and journalist Nelson Castro published a book: “Diego’s Health: The True Story”, in which he reveals the secrets about the health of the football legend.

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“Diego’s health” is an in-depth investigation by Nelson Castro. The author finds secret data and unpublished documents, as well as questioning numerous witnesses who have not yet spoken publicly. It is about eating problems, addiction to literally everything or 25 hours of uninterrupted sleep “- this is how the book” El Trece “, which hosted its author in its studio, describes.

Argentina MaradonaDiego Maradona left tens of millions of debts. There will be an auction of property

Maradona “was addicted to everything” but was very lucky

Nelson Castro admitted that with the state of health that Maradona had, “many others would have died much earlier.” – He was prone to addiction, which was destructive for him. Maradona was addicted to everything – he revealed.

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– He was lucky enough to be resisted by his body. With dilated cardiomyopathy like Maradona’s, many would have died much earlier. His problem, however, was that he never wanted to get the treatment he needed, admitted Castro.

Diego Maradona in MexicoEight people accused after Diego Maradona’s death. They face up to 25 years in prison

“Divine Diego” buried without a heart. They wanted to steal them!

In Argentina, there is the shocking information that Maradona is to be buried without his heart.

– There was a group of Gimnasia ultras who planned to break in and steal the heart from Maradona’s body. It did not come to fruition, as it would be such insolence. Fortunately, this plan was discovered in advance, but the heart was excavated anyway, because it was the key to determining the cause of Diego’s death. The information indicates that he was indeed buried without this heart – said Castro.

As it turned out, Maradona’s heart was huge. – The heart weighed half a kilo, it was huge. It normally weighs around 300 grams. Of course, due to being an athlete, Maradona had them bigger, but not only because. Another reason was the failure of this organ in him – concluded the doctor and journalist.

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