They point to a second lieutenant of Battalion 69 in Saltillo for not recognizing paternity and growing influence.

A Colonel which was under the title Saltillo’s Second Lieutenant 69th Infantry Battalion and who now works in an embassy Mexico out of the country, faces trial for paternity acknowledgment the minor he has released Alimony,

The public complaint was exposed by the mother of the minor during the delivery of Pahal “3 of 3 against gender violence” who made feminist collective in Saltillo before State Congress.

According to the minor’s mother, Hetzi, it was three years before she began a relationship with Juan “Ann” and later informed him that she was pregnant. However, the then deputy commander of the battalion removed him and placed him in an embassy outside Mexico.

After that, the mother filed a paternity acknowledgment test with which she obtained a provisional pension in favor of a minor who faces a Diagnosing Hemiparesis,

In addition to evasion, Hatzy comments that he has been a victim of Threat To harm him in his work, despite the fact that it deals with matters of the law, a position for which the mother says that it can be seen that the colonel has managed to exert influence.

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“I thought that because they knew I was someone I knew from the law, they could defend me,” express.

In this regard, Hetzi revealed that he had encountered several irregularities during the trial, such as violation of the chain of custody. dna In addition to the minor, in addition to the specified specialist who canceled a series of tests and himself, who is the head of the coordination genetics Did State Attorney General’s OfficeHe is also the brother of the Colonel’s lawyer.

“Moreover, the most serious thing is that they fined me for lack of integrity and loyalty, whereas this fine is only for a trial lawyer and not for a mother. I am not a lawyer, but a mother. They have been a series of egregious violations”he explained.

Hatzy, announced that all these irregularities would be condemned so that human right Her daughter, who is currently one year old, does not continue to be incarcerated.

The matter was presented during the registration of the citizen’s initiative State Congress As an example that may prevent more public officials from not only remaining in office, but growing into roles without fulfilling their obligations in the justice landscape.

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