They raise funds for the funeral of a young Cuban woman killed in a traffic accident

CubitaNOW Editorial ~ Friday, January 5, 2024

Relatives and friends of a young Cuban woman killed in a traffic accident have started raising funds for her funeral.

They wrote on the platform: “My name is Ovil Russiel, the father of Liannet Russiel, who died in a traffic accident on December 31, 2023.” Goffin May.

Her sister Yarisney Russiel said in farewell:

“My doll, my sister, baby, as my father said, you walked before us, you left without knowing what pain we had, what you left us to endure, I didn’t know there were so many people who love you You,” she wrote.

He added: “So many friends are suffering today because of your absence, your cousins ​​see how you save photos of each of them and know how you help others but don’t always care about your giving heart. Heart.”

“I didn’t know the kisses and hugs I gave you would be the last, I held you tight and I didn’t want you to go, we have no comfort today but we know God has you in a better place, rest in peace, My beauty, I will always love you,” he concluded.

According to them, the young woman was the victim of a serious traffic accident.

Dozens of people fired her.

“Our family ends the year with great sadness for the loss of you, my little cousin, we will always remember your beautiful smile, we all loved you, rest in peace”; some said: “What a pain, so young , full of life, God accompanies his family for comfort, I believe this angel is in a very special position, be strong.”

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