“They said, go to Russia.” Klemens Murańka took the floor

These are clearly not the days of Klemens Murańka. The Polish jumper, who is currently in isolation due to coronavirus infection, decided to speak on social media.


Klemens Murańka

Press materials / COS / Paweł Skraba / In the photo: Klemens Murańka

It is not easy for the Polish jumper now. Let us remind you that Klemens Murańka did not pass Friday’s elimination in Nizhny Tagil, and on Saturday he received information that his test for the presence of coronavirus was positive.

When it comes to the last competition with Murańka, we can talk about bad luck, because the 27-year-old took 51st place and he was only 0.4 points short of the promotion.

The Pole is feeling well and is currently in isolation in a special sanatorium. – They said, go to Russia, it will be fun, and this is an unpleasant situation – he comments on his official Instagram account.

Murańka did not even delude himself that he would take part in the Sunday qualifications. The jumper sees the positives and is comforted by the fact that the season is very long after all.

– Well, in Russia I will not fly anymore, but the season has just started. We keep our fingers crossed for our eagles – adds optimism in social media.

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