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MPs, 86.5% give the go-ahead to the leader’s men. Among these also the trusted notary of the Alfonso Colucci Movement (who in the past made fun of Mattarella)

Of two thousand self-nominations of aspiring parliamentarians of the M5S
sifted by the loyal of With youthey are left alone a few hundred. From 10 to 22 you voted for parliamentary, the online primaries through which the militants registered on the Movement’s platform have chosen the candidates who will run for the Politics on 25 September. There participationat least according to the numbers provided by the pentastellati, received a good response (The highest ever): they would have voted about 50 thousand activists (out of 133 thousand entitled), a number higher than the 39 thousand who in 2018 decreed the candidacies for the Chamber and Senate.

A comparison? The then political leader Luigi Di Maio needed just over 490 preferences to return to Parliament
. But at yesterday’s consultation, which arrived while the consensus of the M5S at an all-time low
right after the boom of 2018, there were strong controversies, because among the virtual cards there was also one to approve en masse the list of elected representatives (almost) sure chosen by Conte, a question he collected 86.5% of the votes. These are the 15 leaders that the leader has directly nominated for the Chamber and Senate.

Who is on the list? The only Minister of Draghi left in the Five Stars, Stefano Patuanellithe four vice-presidents in office Michele Gubitosa, Riccardo Ricciardi, Alessandra Todde And Mario Turcothe former mayor of Turin Chiara Hangersthe group leaders in Montecitorio and Palazzo Madama Francesco Silvestri And Mariolina Castellone and its predecessor Ettore Licheri. Then, from civil society, four names: Federico Cafiero de Raho And Roberto Scarpinato, the former anti-mafia prosecutors, in the past at the head of one of the Naples public prosecutor’s office and then of the DNA, and the other of the Palermo general prosecutor’s office; the notary of trust of the Movement Alfonso Colucciwho in the past had made fun of the President of the Republic’s social media Sergio Mattarella and that certified Conte’s election as party president, later challenged by the Court of Naples. Also present was the former Minister of the Environment Sergio Costageneral of the Carabinieri who as head of the Forestry in Campania engaged in the Land of Fires, and the Undersecretary for Education Barbara Floridiadefeated candidate in the primaries made together with the Democratic Party for the Sicily Region.

But the parliamentarians also collected the online preferences of the members for the composition of the lists in plurinominal colleges (the results of which will be announced in the next few days): they are already a family case. Among the self-nominations of aspiring deputies and senators it is impossible not to notice a series of relatives of art of political exponents already elected in the past from the pentastellate ranks and who have also held important roles within the party. Some of these had not been able to recur because of the double mandate rule
but in view of the online vote, some surnames, albeit with different names, immediately appeared familiar.

Candidate for the Chamber in the Lombardy 1 c ‘college Davide Buffagni32-year-old brother of Stefano, deputy and former Deputy Minister for Development. Ergys Haxhiucompanion of the Minister of Youth Policies Fabiana Dadoneon the other hand, is a candidate in the Piedmont 2 college, while Paolo Trentanone other than Elisabetta’s brother, defense minister in the first Conte government. With the citizenship income we have saved a million citizens from poverty and we took action to stop fraud. To repeal it would be truly madness, he said yesterday With you in a video interview with The print. I tough the attack on the dem: The attitude of the Democratic Party was incomprehensible and very disappointing. I believe that none of the voters can believe the fairy tale “we do not go with the M5S because it brought down the Draghi government”.

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