“They want to change the docu-series and the book, but it might be too late”

The first frictions between the Dukes of Sussex And Netflix. Less than a month after their return home for the queen’s funeral, Harry and Meghan they would disagree with the production company about the cosu-series being worked on and would like to make some changes.

According to some anonymous sources reported by Page Six, the controversial couple would be “in a panic” because they would like to make such extensive changes to the footage, as to risk wrecking the entire project.

Harry and Meghan, Elizabeth’s death upsets their plans: release postponed for Netflix docu-series and memoir

Harry and Meghan: “They want to make changes to the docu-series and the book, but it might be too late”

The second thoughts would come now, perhaps in light of the disappearance of the sovereign and the ascent to the throne of Charles, who from 8 September is no longer the Prince of Wales, but the new king of the Windsor family. “Harry and Meghan are rethinking their story, their project. They have made significant requests to return the content that they themselves have provided, to the extent that some Netflix staff members believe that, if granted, they will effectively block the project indefinitely “, reads the US tabloid. “Harry and Meghan are in a panic over trying to tone down even the most basic words. But it’s their story, told from their own mouth. “

The (belated) attempt to sweeten their story and modify certain background on King Charles and Queen Camilla could definitively wreck their project with considerable economic consequences for the couple, who have just paid out 22 million dollars for the new home in Beverly Hills, bigger and more spectacular than that of Montecito.

The docu-series isn’t the only project Prince Harry would have asked to review. Another burning chapter concerns the forthcoming publication of his memoir, where the king’s son would like to personally intervene to modify entire sections. “There might be things in the book that they might not look so good if they came out so soon after these events, ”they explain in the Daily Mail. “He desperately wants to make changes. But it might be too late. ‘

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