They want to commemorate the victims of the pandemic. They organize a covid national mourning

According to preliminary calculations, 150 thousand. excess deaths, i.e. those above the long-term average, have already been recorded in Poland from the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

– In addition, currently several hundred people die again every day due to COVID-19, and in the coming months at least another tens of thousands of people will die from the coronavirus and due to overload of the health system in Poland. Every day we are increasing the scale of health debt – comments Maciej Roszkowski, who is involved in promoting knowledge about the pandemic in social media.

Roszkowski emphasizes that the number of excess deaths in Poland may reach 200,000 people in a few months. – It’s as much as 0.5 percent. population of Poland. Every 200 person in Poland will be a victim of a pandemic and the inability of the authorities to deal with it. And let us remember that each deceased has a few or a dozen relatives who have lost a given person and for this reason were, are or will be in mourning. This is a huge number of people to whom no one in Poland has given a place to experience the death of their relatives together – he explains.

– Unfortunately, our state has not organized and is not planning to organize a single day of national mourning over the epidemic, showing sad indifference – she adds. And he wants to change that.

Maciej Roszkowski proposed to announce on December 3rd the “Day of covid national mourning”. He encourages people to dress in black on this day, and at 6 p.m. switch off the light and put a lit candle in the window.

Many people from various medical, psychotherapeutic, teaching, pro-vaccination and COVID-19 educational backgrounds help him in organizing the event. This includes sociologist Tommy Sobierajski, psychotherapist of people in bereavement Magdalena Sagan, founder of the Vaccination Foundation – we dispel doubts Anna Denslow, or teachers on the initiative Protest with an Exclamation Mark, Education in Action and NO to Chaos at School.

Anna Schmidt-Fic, Protest with an exclamation mark: – Someone was and suddenly someone does not exist – death for the community is a very difficult experience that disturbs its balance and sense of security. If it comes unexpectedly, and in addition it happens en masse, due to some specific factor, it must be worked through by this community. Moving over death to the agenda, without emotions or reflection, kills empathy and destroys human sensitivity.

– Today we are at the epicenter of a powerful pandemic crisis, in an extremely anxious situation, and the people who live around us are disappearing. Unfortunately, they are dehumanized, because in the message and language of our community they appear only as “the number of the day”, presented without emotions on the morning services. These aren’t numbers. These are our acquaintances, friends, teachers and teachers, students, their parents, grandparents and uncles. It is the pain and suffering of those who have been orphaned among us. This is our pain. We need a moment to experience it together. It is a prerequisite for dealing with this community trauma – emphasizes the co-creator of the Protest with Exclamation Mark initiative.

He notices that these are the circumstances – traumatic, shocking – that countries announce national mourning. – Our authorities are not up to the task. When the government is silent about it and ignores the problem, the citizens take matters into their own hands. This is the case here. As teachers and teachers, we feel responsible to help the youngest, our students and pupils get through this difficult experience. We also want to support each other. These are the main reasons, apart from personal reasons, why Protest with the Exclamation Mark joins the action with other teaching groups, he concludes.

Maciej Roszkowski also encourages you to share your story on the day. – If someone died as a result of covid or overload of the health system, or rubbed you to death because of it, share your emotions related to it with others. This is a day for you where you can feel and fully express your fear, confusion, sadness, anger, helplessness, and sometimes also the relief associated with the death of a loved one. All your feelings about it are fine, and the constructive process of dealing with grief begins with allowing you to admit different, often contradictory feelings resulting from the death of a loved one – says the psychotherapist.

– Remind the government of the Republic of Poland of the fact that the abdication of pandemic control that it currently uses leads to another tens of thousands of deaths from COVID-19, as a result of overloading the health care system and the health debt it currently generates to us. Don’t wait for you or a loved one to be a victim of this abdication. Demand a reaction here and now. Examples of Portugal, Italy or France show that having a very effective tool – vaccines, a responsible government can lead to a situation that hardly anyone now dies of this disease. It is also possible in Poland, but you have to fight for it – sums up Maciej Roszkowski.

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