They warn that China may conduct experiments with mutant strains of the new coronavirus; damage the brain and have a 100% mortality rate

scientists The Chinese are testing a mutant strain Coronavirus disease Kill 100% of ‘Humanized’ miceMedia reports such as new york post and daily mail.

This deadly virus is called GX_P2Vattacking the brains of mice designed to reflect a certain component genetics Similar to peopleThe media pointed out that according to a study published last week Beijing.

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“This highlights the risk of GX_P2V transmission to humans and provides a unique model to understand its mechanisms.” Pathogenic related viruses SARS-CoV-2” wrote the study authors.

he deadly virus It is a mutated version of GX/2017 and a cousin of GX/2017 coronavirus The substance was discovered in Sunda pangolins in 2017, three years ago Pandemic.

all mice Infected People who carried the virus died in just eight days, which researchers note is the mortality rate “surprisingly” quickly.

GX_P2V infected lungthis bonethis Eyethis trachea and brain Dead rats can even lead to death.

In the days before the mouse died, they failed weight Soon, they took on a hunched posture and followed extremely slow.

The most distressing thing is his eyes they put The day before death he turned completely white.

This is the first study of its kind to report die 100% in mice Infected viruses associated with Covid-19, far exceeding the results reported in another previous study, they write Researchers.

The research results are not Explaining Clearly How will it affect humans?

François Ballouepidemiologist Institute of Genetics, University College of London, reacting on his X account, saying the investigation was “bad” And, from a scientific point of view, “totally useless.”

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“I didn’t see any of the most remote interest This may be learned from forced infection of a strange humanized mouse random virus. On the contrary, I can see how something like this could go wrong,” he added.

he Dr. Gennady Glinskiretired professor of medicine Stanford Universitywrote: “This madness must stop before it’s too late.”

Current research appears to be related to Wuhan Institute of Virology, China, which is at the center of the lab leak theory surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic.The Chinese government denies that such leaks occurred and has conducted research into the matter World Health Organization (WHO) has not yet been able to verify the origin of Covid-19. Instead, they demand greater transparency from China.

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