They were chasing the rocket with an FPV drone. Such shots are the world championship

Romanian Astronautics and Aeronautics Association he builds his reusable rocket called EcoRocket. It will be tasked with bringing light loads to Earth’s orbit, and then returning to Earth and landing in the facility exactly as Falcon-9 rockets have been doing for several years since SpaceX.

Unlike them, the Romanian rocket is supposed to do it for real ecological way. This will be due to the construction of the rocket and the fuel used. The last EcoRocket flight was successful. The test consisted in obtaining a certain speed. The next stage will be reaching orbit with separation of modules. This is to happen at the beginning of 2022.

Returning, however, to the drone itself, this association decided to use the aerobatic capabilities of such devices to record the launch of the rocket. It was not only about getting interesting shots for fans, but also about valuable data on the basis of which it will be possible analyze the first phase of flight and make possible modifications to the rocket.

ARCAspace used a drone DJI FPVwhich accelerates to 140 km / h, and does 100 km / h in just 2 seconds. This is still not much, compared to rockets, but in the initial phase of the launch it is enough to show this key moment from an interesting perspective. The action was 100 percent successful. The shots are breathtaking and are probably the only ones in the world.


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