They were standing there, and the cars jumped on the pavement

Singer Cardi B is mourning two friends who died after being hit by a car that collided with another and ended up on the sidewalk. According to information from the Daily Mail published on Thursday, the 4th, 31-year-old Joel Adames and 40-year-old David Fernandez were returning from a bar, where young people went to have fun.

As they were walking on the sidewalk, at approximately four o’clock in the morning, they were run over in Manhattan, New York, in the United States. In addition to the two boys, five other people were hit by the car and three are seriously injured. Also according to the news, a case investigation has already begun by the Manhattan police, to better understand the accident.

Cardi B used her social media to offer her condolences to the families of the two and stated that the deaths were due to negligence:

– Stupidity, negligence, I hope the worst for whoever committed this! It took someone so loved, full of life and just amazing leaving people broken… RIP JOEL. They were standing there, and the cars jumped onto the sidewalk.

Police told the paper that one of the cars apparently ran a red light and then hit the other, sending it crashing onto the sidewalk. The investigators analyzed the images and said that this is the conclusion pointed out by the images.

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