They’re all fagots!

Chile was partially combed back with results for 7M.

The numbers are staggering, but it’s a bit disconcerting to have a plethora of totally unorthodox fungus analyses, where the facilitator’s hair and eyes change, but not much else. Since we’re sarcasm here, let’s get out of this anchor, Combination And this vow of punishment For a while.

The world’s thermostat has shifted to the left. And that’s why people from center or even left of center, ended up, like Dorothy, away from Kansas and sitting to the right. Bear with me, they canceled Sabina for Facho! To Seurat! they are not, just the context has changed and hence the nickname right wing very accurate Center flowing. This FA government, with its mommy PS, its daddy PC, consolidates itself into a block of tough support that is not going to fall. are children of damn neoliberalism And no one warned them that they were the elite and not the people. They are made of Teflon, the program remains the same, everything slides. And they are a forceful and efficient opposition, without the code of conduct with which they gargle in Chilean Vamos.

Second, away from my eagerness to exonerate the elite, who are so fond of psychic autoeroticism, of their beloved essence and definitions, but whether they believe it or not, the people were presented with a revolution that would usher in a new sought to institutionalize itself through a foundational constitution. We didn’t tell them twice, because we admit that after the rejection, 7M dressed as the right one. And mainly from someone who has always been against this process. Mass press tried to accuse till the last second teacher silva reactionary. And wow! The first national majority, which can’t be explained just by how incredibly beautiful she is (as a friend told me, “If I looked like that, I’d believe in God too”).

It is true that there is a vote of punishment, but it is not only for this government of juggling, slide, jam and brake (poetry). It also stands for Constitutional Process 2.0, Re-establishment and the self-styled “Centres”. For similar reasons, 2/3 of those who went “to Chile” were very interested in power and cargo. The centre-left is caught between insisting that they stay on to govern an Octobrist government which, in light of their actions and dignity, should have already left. Or acknowledge that they share an ideology. They were for approval and like unity for Chile, the fire rekindled their teenage wet dreams of revolution. They took zero delegates.

Third, about a year ago I said it’s not about getting a correct meter, but it looks like we need to know how to figure it out. Because for right-wing voters, it’s hard to lean toward a group that believes in higher taxes, a bigger state, withdrawal, and treats that are legal but not democratic. Meanwhile, they hate Faichow Cousin and don’t hang out with the niche crowd. On September 5, a small part of me believed that they would listen to their militaries, to the many voices that told them (we said) that perhaps it was time for a new referendum and that instead of fulfilling commitments, Chile should It was time to hear that no one asked him. I know there are talented and prepared people in their ranks who bravely campaigned for disapproval and were not consulted. Instead, those who had to hide fled to a new process. And now we should also thank him for the strategy that left the Republicans as the party with the most votes in Chile. I understand well; Cartwheels, zero self-criticism… where have I seen this before? They see themselves as disconnected, pallid, more interested in quotas of power, and without ideological, intellectual or moral support. With respect I tell you, if you don’t reduce Excel and add more substance to Word, you are doomed to irrelevance.

So are they all Facho? No, not fascist, not Ultron. People don’t necessarily identify themselves as being right, but they believe in merit, they believe in the freedom to choose, to act and grow, even if it’s far or difficult. The funny thing is that the more they know about the state, the more they want to stay away from it. Value wise, they are more conservative and prefer to be Chilean. If they are swayed by conviction and clarity and in times of trouble, they are the ones who have been steadfastly opposed. D.Just as no one believed it possible before winning the Copa América, winning without complications seemed impossible to right-wing views. Unless they made it possible with a lot of work from Republicans. It is to be commended, because it did not fall from the sky.

The politics of compromise, like pants on the hip, had their moment and is the luxury of quiet and prosperous times (or slim in the case of the pants), and when opponents are too centrist. Faced with undemocratic and regressive opponents, it seems that all we need is one Churchill and we have a million Chamberlains.

already republican, I’m not going to lecture you because everyone else is. They would set traps and attack them from all sides, finding a place, they would try to leave them with the most extreme and medieval people with physical ease that we know of pagan.

This is the time for work, justice, kindness and loyalty for the voters. Chile was confident that they understood the difference between change and reform. We know that a constitution doesn’t magically fix life, but it can ruin it very quickly. Do it nicely and let them say what they want. Forget them, the fragile Octobrist voices that still cry “They’re all fachos, except me.”

k sandra

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