Thiago Motta: ‘Referees? I expect an apology as for Milan-Spezia ‘. Then the accusation against Zalewski as Busquets: ‘I lost a final for a simulation’ | A league

Didn’t go down to Thiago Motta the episode in the finale of the match lost against the Rome and with the episode of the penalty then scored by Abraham after the match that decided the game. The ex-Inter player went so far as to ask, in the post-match via press conference and TV interviews, for the same treatment of excuses obtained for example by the Milan following the victory of Spezia with the now well-known mistake of Serra.

ZALEWSKI SIMULATION – “The slap in the face, according to the referee was yellow. The referee told me that if when I played I liked to slap in the face. After that I got to talk to him and I told him that I lost a Champions League final. for a simulation (of Busquets in the return leg of the Barcelona-Inter semi-final) as the Roma player did. The players do not help, then there was confusion in the referee team “.

FAIRNESS – “The responsibility lies with everyone, I always put myself in it. Inter-Liverpool in the Champions League was a show, but also for the correctness of the players and the referees on the pitch. Right now I expect an apology from Spezia Calcio”.

I WANT AN EXCUSE – “We will wait for the excuses from the referees they make to the big teams. I laugh not to cry, I enjoy watching the matches in Europe while matches like tonight’s don’t make you comment on anything. Like Spezia Calcio, we expect an apology.”

THE RIGOR – “There are doubts about something clear enough like Maggiore taking the ball away, we will wait for an apology and I am referring not only to Milan-Spezia, but to the whole championship. We have had many negative episodes in the past, then it is clear that now the pressure is rising, Spezia is expecting an apology right now ”.

APOLOGIES – “Now we want an apology to Spezia, because we too have a right, we pay our taxes and we are registered in the championship. We deserve them. It makes me laugh not to cry.”

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