Thin lips: 8 tricks to make them bigger

It is inspired by the classic 90s lips, recently back in vogue thanks to JLo, which provide for the definition of their contour with a more marked line. With the ombre lips, however, the goal is to define the contour so that the central part of the lips is more pronounced. A dark color of lip pencil and lipstick is then used to define the contour and in particular the corners of the mouth, and a light shade for the central part. The beauty of this technique is that it can be done with any shade of pencil and lipstick, from nude to red to purple. Just use a darker and a lighter shade, just like Lily Collins did.

Lip contouring

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It can be performed with a powder product or with a cream stick, but also with a concealer, as long as it is a couple of tones darker than your complexion and in a matte finish. Contouring helps to create shadow areas all around the contour, so that the lips are optically more noticeable. To achieve it, take a small amount of matte brown eyeshadow or specific product for contouring with a thin-tipped brush and trace the shadow area in the center of the upper lip, following the cupid’s bow, and lower in the central part, keeping a millimeter of detachment from the lip contour already traced, and blending the product very well.

Concealer on the lips

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A product that can be very useful for defining lips and making them appear more voluminous is the corrector. It can be applied on the lip contour to erase it and make the edge less noticeable, in case you want to redraw it slightly larger. It can also be applied to the center of the lower lip to give light and volume. And also at the corners of the mouth, to make it narrower and consequently more voluminous in the center.

Thin lips, light lipstick

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