“Thinking about the championship? Inter must do it in Liverpool!”

The words of Marco Materazzi a few days from Liverpool-Inter.

“Thinking about the championship? Let’s not joke “

Interviewed by The Gazzetta dello Sport the former Nerazzurri historian Marco Materazzi he talked about Inter and the away match for Champions League against the Liverpool.

These are his words: “The return to the goal of Lautaro is very important, for him and for theInter. It was evident that he was looking for him in every way, even making a touch too much to be sure not to make mistakes.

If his ability to shoot and score from any position returned it would become devastating. A bit like my friend’s goals Recoba.

Did Lautaro get along better with Lukaku?

I disagree, great players always look good together and Friday with Dzeko they scored 5 goals in two, despite the opponent are still 5 goals in A league.

Black February: head or leg problem?

When you throw at so many times Sassuolo And Genoa and you do not find the goal, bad luck weighs so much. And someone is taking a breath.

Stretcher appeared unloaded:

Brozovic And Nicolò are the champions ofInter. Since two months Stretcher he does not play as he knows how to do and also against Salernodespite the two wonderful assists, he played a game of 6.5 not 8.

Inter Liverpool Materazzi stretcher

But it is better to have physiological drops now, rather than when everything is decided. And all of Italy is cheering for him to recover for the world playoffs. Take your breath away.

The disqualification against Liverpool: Barella will take your breath away there

The absence is very heavy, the ‘most English’ player of all will be missing A league. There Uefa he exaggerated by giving him two days. To Anfield will miss someone like him, but also a Nicolò will miss playing a game like that.

The story of the first leg

L’Inter she played evenly and was condemned by two offensive actions of the Liverpool: it happens when you play to win. Without a doubt against the reds you cannot play in order not to lose.

Should Inter think about the championship or about winning?

Let’s not joke, theInter must go to Anfield to win. They are not Martians and anything can happen in football. If they concede a goal, they can get scared.

The difficulties in the league will come anyway: the Turin runs a lot, the Fiorentina is trained by a highly trained technician and then there Juve. Passing the turn? I say 25% chance “.

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