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How to explain the reasons for the success of Nux’s Super Serum (10) with Hyaluronic Acid?

In the matter of anti-aging care, it must be said that French pharmacy brands are especially at the forefront. They are the envy of us around the world and we regularly see in the big cities of France, foreign tourists rushing to the many nuggets lined up on the counters of (para)pharmacies. Of these, there is still one that stands out: Super Serum (10). mapsOne bottle of which is sold worldwide every 3 minutes. This success can be explained by various reasons.

A particularly effective formula…

First, like most formulas mapsNot only is the composition of this serum vegan, it also contains a minimum of 95% ingredients of natural origin, including some very popular active ingredients at the moment for their tremendously effective properties on the skin. Let’s first mention hyaluronic acid, which has no equal in deeply nourishing the skin, intensely moisturizing it, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. But also niacinamide, an active ingredient we hear about more and more because it has relatively extraordinary antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a favorite ingredient of hailey bieberShe is so passionate about skin care that she launched her own brand Rode last year. Finally, don’t forget to mention the House’s patented Plant Complex, designed from native Edelweiss cells, with proven anti-aging efficacy. It’s a recipe for (almost) guaranteed success!

…and a stunning texture

Its unique texture, containing thousands of micro-beads of fractionated vegetable oils, is also worth noting. They melt on the skin as soon as they come in contact with the face and make the complexion glow. In fact, combined with the serum formula, the micro-beads deeply stimulate the skin’s youth mechanisms to fight skin aging. Over the course of applications, wrinkles and fine lines begin to fade (for 84% of users) and age spots fade. The result: skin that acts as if it’s ten years younger.

Where To Get Nxe Super Serum (10)?

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