this 80s live-action version created by an AI is truly creepy

Well yes, through an artificial intelligence program, the famous animated series Family Guy by Seth MacFarlane has been recreated in live-action, in the style of 80s sitcoms. The result is a trailer that in addition to fascinating for the look is also deeply disturbing. You can find it comfortably in the news after the jump.

In a recent YouTube video, posted by SonUzumakilchigo, viewers can witness the new one version of Family Guy made just like an 80s sitcom through AI, but the performances have also struck terror to some. The video features all of the Griffins, their home on Spooner Street and neighbors Joe, Quagmire and Cleveland.

While it may seem that Family Guy has tackled just about everything with their stories, the series has never featured live-action versions of its characters, not even smear. The idea has been met with interest, and it’s a transition that not many other animated shows have managed to make. The live-action Rick and Morty short starring Christopher Lloyd and Jaeden Martell has garnered positive reception, but the series has never presented a full episode like this one. As for Family Guy, since the setting and most of the characters are realistic, a live-action adaptation seems more feasible.

Family Guy in live-action would be a fun project and it would be practically impossible to see the voice actors appear as their respective characters, whereas MacFarlane voices several members of the Griffin family. The AI ​​images, strange as they are to look at, give audiences an idea of ​​what an entirely live-action film or series could look like and look like. Whether Peter and the others will be pictured exactly like this remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Family Guy has reached 21 seasons, with the latter still unreleased in Italy. Recently, Chloe Grace Moretz spoke about her meme on the series, while Seth MacFarlane spoke about his relationship with Fox. Family Guy seasons are available on Disney+.

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