This attachment will allow you to play the PlayStation 5 with one hand

No mercy – if we want to play Dual Sense, we have to use two hands. Although Sony has not yet released a controller for people with disabilities, there are enthusiasts who want to make it easier for other players to play.

This attachment will allow you to play the PlayStation 5 with one hand

The massive dimensions of the PlayStation 5 controller may suit many players, but those with even minor dexterity issues in their hands know very well how violently gaming can become more difficult. Microsoft has a ready-made solution in its portfolio – the Xbox Adaptive Controller definitely makes it easier for people with disabilities to play, providing Microsoft with an influx of players from hitherto unexplored areas of the market.

At the moment, PlayStation 5 has not yet received a similar solution. Akaki Kuumeri – creator on YouTube, who prepared an adapter for the Dual Sense controller, may help to change the situation. It allows you to use the pad with one hand, and its model can be easily printed by yourself using a 3D printer. The operation of the accessory is surprisingly simple, as shown in the video prepared by the author of the device.

One hand, one pad

In the default configuration, the adapter is mounted on the left knob of the controller. This one is placed on the knee to move the pad over the surface and move the mechanism that manipulates the analog stick. With the right hand, we operate the function buttons and the left trigger with the bumper. If the game requires us to use arrows, then you can attach an additional adapter that spreads the directional buttons along triangle and square.

As Engadget recalls, the diagram of the device can be easily modified so that the controller can be held in the left hand. However, this solution is not without drawbacks. Moving the controller to be able to move the knob seems too tiring in the long run for the accessory to go into mass production.

Nevertheless, Akaki Kuumeri is so confident of his work that he also put his work on the One-Handed Controllers Competition, so we keep our fingers crossed for his success. All advances in accessibility for gamers deserve the highest praise. Game developers are also implementing solutions for people with disabilities more and more boldly. So let’s hope that Sony will also show the initiative by preparing an alternative to the Dual Sense controller soon.

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