this CATEGORICAL refusal of Emma Stone on the set

By Francois R.

Emma Stone did not want to comply with a dress code for her role as Cruella.

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Emma Stone was tailor-made to embody Cruella from Hell in the eponymous live prequel film released in 2021, cruella. The American actress has the grace and the touch of madness necessary to give flesh to this whimsical and creepy character, cult super-villain of the Disney universe.

In fact, on arrival, said film is not folichon, in addition to desacralizing the pure wickedness of the character, Emma Stone, she comes out with honors. In addition to saving the furniture, Emma Stone blends perfectly into the character of Cruella de Vil. Thanks to a raven make-up, of course, and to her natural talent as an actress, but also and above all thanks to the fabulous costumes -it is the case to say it- of her fashionable heroine. Still, the actress categorically refused a dress code for her character.

cruella : Emma Watson says no to real fur

I don’t think it’s cool to wear real fur.”, Launches Emma Stone in an interview on the sidelines of the promotion of the film. “I know Cruella has worn them in the past but we all understand that we live in a new era. Wearing fur should not be celebrated. We tried to bring a different approach to this new Cruella.A shame when you know that the main issue of 101 Dalmatians sees Cruella chasing the spotted puppies to make a coat… Of fur! Times change, references too and mores parade as much as fashion.

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