This cheap, rose cosmetic is used by world stars, from Jennifer Aniston to Selena Gomez. You can buy it for less than PLN 30

What do the contents of Jennifer Aniston, Selena Gomez, Ashley Graham, Eva Mendes and Salma Hayek have in common? This is one, inconspicuous product that, as one of the few, has stood the test of time and has served women for generations. It fulfills at least several different functions and costs between PLN 20-30. Why, despite more and more advanced technologies on the beauty market, is this simple, natural cosmetic still irreplaceable?

Certainly one of the reasons why rose water enjoys such popularity among stars, is its clean composition and multi-functionality. Examples? Make-up artist Jennifer Aniston she sprinkles it on the actress’s face a moment before applying makeup to keep her complexion soft and moisturized. For this purpose, it uses water that is famous on the American market Heritage Store Rosewaterwhich only costs $ 10. She is a fan of the same cosmetic Selena Gomez, who revealed on her Instagram that she uses rose water every evening as a tonic and relaxing aromatherapy. The star even keeps a bottle of this cosmetic on her bedside table to always have a refreshing mist at hand. “I sprinkle it on my face before applying the moisturizer, before makeup, after applying makeup, in the middle of the day… it makes my skin feel covered with a moisturizing veil. These are wonderful feelingse ”- the model confessed in turn Ashley Graham. Still not enough examples? Please – Salma Hayek and Eva Mendes have long since replaced ordinary water with rose hydrolate in their care. “I wash my face with rose waterbecause the tap makes my skin dry. Every morning and evening I wash my skin with a cotton pad soaked in rose hydrolate. Perfectly refreshes”Eva admitted. A similar ritual is found every day by Salma Hayek, who a few years ago made a highly controversial confession. In one of the interviews, she said that he doesn’t wash his face in the morning, just sprinkles it with rose water. “If I had thoroughly cleansed my skin in the evening, why would it be dirty in the morning? This is just a marketing trick used by cosmetic companies“- she explained in an interview with The New York Times. While we do not want to persuade anyone to give up washing the face (after all, it is an obligatory point in every care routine – here you can read why), adding a rose hydrosol to your cosmetic bag may be beneficial for your skin. Why?

This natural cosmetic is a real gift of nature that began to be used many centuries ago in Persia. Rose water is valued primarily for its action soothing and moisturizing the skin. It contains a good amount of vitamins, incl vitamins A, E, C and Bthat support the regeneration of irritated skin and have anti-aging properties. They are also responsible for the anti-aging properties of rose water natural flavonoidsthat fight free radicals released under, inter alia, the influence of UV radiation. Due to the pH similar to the pH of human skin, rose hydrolate works great as a result balancing tonicwhich restores the skin’s comfort and balance after washing. In Arab countries, women traditionally use rose water for hair care. Perfect as base for oiling – simply spray the cosmetic on the hair to moisten it, and then apply a small amount of oil until it covers the strands. Then you should wait at least an hour and wash your hair. After such treatment, the strands will be nourished, shiny and less prone to frizz.

Of course, not every rose hydrosol is suitable for face or hair care. The cheapest, edible rose water is not intended for contact with the skin – in this case it is better not only to pay attention to the price, but also to the purity of the raw material used in production. The safest option is to choose ecological rose water from a proven source – you will find one in the portfolio of many Polish natural brands that use high-quality organic ingredients in the production of their cosmetics. Recently, we most willingly reach for Rose Water from Ala Natural Beauty, a brand founded by a Polish model Kasia Struss. Contains organic damask rose hydrolatewhich is closed in a glass bottle with a convenient atomizer. The sprayed mist has a subtle scent of rose petals, which makes the daily care ritual more pleasant. Due to its small size, you can also take it to work or training to refresh yourself.

We also place great trust in us rose water of the Ministry of Good Soapwhich contains an eco-certified hydrolate. It is imported straight from a small French distillery. Only one additional ingredient has been added to it, radish peptides, which act as a natural preservative and at the same time moisturize the skin.

The same composition has rose water from another Polish natural brand that we value, i.e. Soap House Four Starlings. The glass bottle made of dark, emerald glass protects the contents from sunlight and extends the durability of the cosmetic.

An interesting product that debuted on the market this summer is organic hydrolate from Yope. It is based on rose water, but also contains a composition of additional nourishing ingredients: fig opuntia water, vegetable glycerin, probiotic Lactobacillus Ferment, which takes care of the balance of the skin microbiome, or damask rose oil. They increase the moisturizing and anti-aging properties of the cosmetic.

Our list of the best rose waters would not be complete without the most popular of them – Damask rose hydrolate from the brand Make Me Bio. It was one of the first products of this type on the market and won the hearts of thousands of women. It collects only the best opinions on the Internet, it is very affordable and contains only one and only ingredient: rose water.

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