This daily Japanese habit is the key to longevity and we can all practice it

exist Japan, bath This is a sacred thing and an everyday thing at the same time.this Japanese daily habits In most western countries it has been replaced by showers. However, in Japan, Only 10% of residents are satisfied with showers.In Japan, bathing always involves Get into the hot tub.This root has been deeply rooted Japanese routine Boasting unique natural wealth – the island has approx. 27,000 natural hot springs– and in a very ancient belief – by Buddhism and Shintoism– This gives bathing ritual Power to purify body and soul. According to one of the greatest experts on the subject, Shinya Hayasaka, physician and professor at Tokyo City Universityrecent research shows that Domestic Japanese bathroom – called ofuro– Also one of the keys to high longevity On the Pacific Islands.

There are 3 different versions of the Japanese custom: ofuro, spa and sit

exist Japan There are different Types of baths: hot spring baths, public baths, family baths. Each has its own characteristics. We explain to you:

  1. Japanese hot spring bath is called spa.The geotechnical engineering activities of the four major sectors that converge in Japan make the country a Global Spa Niche.inside spa Or soak in natural hot springs. Japanese people like to soak in hot springs. bathe in nature.for real health paradise They are one of the major tourist attractions because they are Beauty and anti-aging.One of the most… cool Traveler’s request is to visit Hotel hot spring– Traditional Japanese accommodation including hot spring baths.
  2. Japanese public baths are called sit.this sit yes neighborhood bathroom Created for access hot water Residents who do not have private bathroom space in their homes.Nowadays most sit has become Spa Have better services.For a small fee, Japanese people can enjoy hot baths while relaxing talk to other people surrounded by Fuji mural.Relationships are a plus sit.
  3. he Japanese home bathroom called ofuro.located in a Exclusive room separate from the house and toilet, ofuro They have two spaces: one for take a shower – One of them is washed with soap and rinsed – the other one is used bathroom -There is only one place warm and relaxing-. Therefore, the whole family can bathe in the same water, whether together or alone: ​​always clean and hot.

5 Keys to Practicing Japanese Daily Habits for Longevity

In the West, the purpose of the bathroom is cleanliness and hygiene, In Japan, people take baths to relax.That is ofuro:A Relaxing bath.this concept Relaxing bath Japanese appear in Western homes due to the incorporation of Japanese elements Scents and sounds, candles and brushes, ETC. A health trends Designed to influence our sensory world clam down.besides Deco To contribute Waterfall faucet, freestanding bathtub or exist floorAs another element in the bathroom. However, if we want to enjoy an authentic Japanese bath, we must consider the following 5 points:

  • this tub.A typical Japanese bathtub is much more deep More than in the West small. The reason is simple: you can, Sit with your knees bent and let the water cover you.They used to be cedar High quality, it releases a relaxing aroma when mixed with hot water.There’s always one in the bathtub top to preserve the heat of the water.
  • this water temperature This is the key.water is usually 40 degree About. Hotter than western countries.Bathing time should not exceed 10 minutes and 20 minutes.
  • clean water.inside You don’t wash in the Japanese bathtub Because you have arrived clean, because you have taken a shower before.
  • pure relaxation.The Japanese bathtub is a place to rest relax and calm down With the sound of his water, aroma cedar woodget out and oil) etc.Therefore many Japanese put their Take a shower before going to bed.

Benefits of Japanese Bath ofuro and its impact on longevity

according to Hayasaka ShinyaA doctor who specializes in hyperthermia treatments, recent research suggests that Japanese baths can affect longevity. A study published in 2020 Osaka University Indicating “those who bathe every day will see 30% lower risk of heart disease and stroke Compare that to people who don’t do it or only do it once or twice a week. Therefore, people believe that bathing is one of the factors that can extend life and improve health. “Experts said, he best bathroom have these characteristics: “Take a bath at 40 degrees for 10 minutes, with the water level up to your shoulders. Sweat on your forehead means your body is hot enough.” Japanese bathing at 40 degrees has the following benefits:

  • improved blood circulation. “Immersing the body in hot water dilates blood vessels,” doctors say. As circulation improves, swelling and heaviness.
  • ease body pain. “By moderately warming the body, nervousness can be controlled, which represents an improvement to the body. chronic pain Such as those affecting the hip or shoulder areas,” the expert explains.
  • help sleep better. “If you take a shower an hour or two before going to bed, the situation will also improve. Sleep quality, as various studies have shown. “
  • Relax. “stimulated parasympathetic system. This relaxes the body and creates relaxation. “As the heat acts, the muscles relax.

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