this day of the week would be the WORST time to accept a date according to experts

Imagine the scene: you are talking to this person on social networks, or through a dating application. The current is going well and this one offers you a date? Before accepting, think carefully about the day you choose during the week. An expert lifts the lid on the day to absolutely avoid on a first date.

Never plan a first date on Saturday!

According to relationship therapist Shawn Schweier, whose quotes were quoted in a Huffington Post article, it is strongly discouraged to schedule a first date on Saturday night. By the way, you can also forget about Friday evening. For what ? He explains that weekend evenings should be devoted to his best friends with whom we plan to spend quality time. In other words, Saturday means “girls night”. ” When you give up the two most special nights of the week for someone you don’t have a deep connection with, you devalue yourself and your time. says the expert. In addition, one can easily forget a bad first date on a Tuesday evening, for example. While a Saturday night… we’re talking about a whole weekend wasted!

What is the best day to schedule a first date?

But then, what would be the best day to plan a first date? In general, Thursday is often considered the best day for a first date. Indeed, at this stage (…)

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